Who we are

Christian Academics Munich (CAM) is a non-denominational Christian fellowship comprising academics from various disciplines, primarily based at universities and research institutions in and around Munich. Our mission is to foster connections, provide encouragement, and promote engagement among academics at all levels, from PhD students to postdoctoral scientists and professors.

Starting in 2022, we are proud to announce that we have become a part of the Postgraduate Initiative of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). This affiliation enhances our ability to serve the academic community and advance our shared values of faith and scholarship.

What we do


We actively connect Christian academics, building a network of believers who are engaged in intellectual pursuits. Additionally, we establish a platform specifically tailored for prospective Christian PhD students. Through collaboration with various groups and churches, we organize public events within the academic sphere.

CAM Meetings

We cherish our Christian fellowship, finding encouragement as we explore how to integrate, communicate, and understand our faith within the context of our academic studies. Monthly, we gather over a meal to discuss various topics. We extend a warm invitation to all to reach out and join us for our next meeting.

Social events

We occasionally organize social events to foster deeper connections and enjoy quality time together. In 2024, we are excited to announce our inaugural conference

God in the Pub

With the “God in the Pub” events we want to encourage everyone with an open mind to engage in discussion in contemporary relevant and controversial topics from Philosophy, Religion, Science and Humanities.

The meetings take place in an iconic public space (e.g. Hofbräukeller) where we invite a renowned Christian academic to talk about a certain topics while the auditorium can enjoy dinner and drinks. Afterwards questions can be asked publicly followed by a discussion. We are open to all questions and viewpoints and are happy to engage with challenging objections.

Last speakers on God in the Pub

Prof. Timothy McGrew
(Philosophy, Western Michigan University)

Dr. Micah J. Green
(Chemistry, Texas A&M University)

Dr. Max Baker-Hytch
(Philosophy, Oxford)

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